Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Swag Bucks Stats

July has been an awesome swag bucks month for me!!! I earned a total of $275 in Amazon gift cards! I earned (5) $5 cards, (2) $25 cards & (4) $50 cards! This has been my best month yet. I also met my goal and have surpassed 200 referrals! I'm currently at 201. :) I got credited for 2 games I traded in (679 SB's) and did some surveys and special offers to get so many gift cards. That's not to mention all the referral searches in July. I hope August turns out to be just as good!

Happy Swaiggin!

Friday, July 23, 2010

How to win BIG at Swag Bucks!

So many people ask me how I rack up so many swag bucks and so quickly. I've earned over $680 in gift cards in just over 4 months so I am going to tell you just how I do it.

First, in a word (repeated over and over) Referrals, Referrals, Referrals! That is the biggest and best way to rack up those swag bucks. Every one who you refer (your friends, family, co-workers and cyber friends) will earn you up to 1,000 swag bucks each. Every time they do a search, you get the same amount of swag bucks they win. So if they hit a 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 search, you will get the same and you will continue to earn their matching swag bucks (through searches only, not when they do offers or with swag codes) up until they reach 1,000 swag bucks. I have earned over 13,000 swag bucks so far just from referrals!

Second, do the special offers! I do them and I do a lot of them. I do not do the ones where you have to download something (unless it's a toolbar, and then I uninstall it when I am credited the swag bucks). There are a ton of special offers that earn you between 15-250 swag bucks that are free. I do a lot of the survey offers and use a special e-mail address when signing up that is just for special offers. This e-mail address gets tons of spam, but I rarely even check it. There are a few offers that I have done that get you tons of swag bucks (1,000 and more) that you have to join a book club, or gamefly (which I wanted to try anyway). I read books so much that I would have bought books anyway. So try the special offers, you will be surprised how fast your swag bucks will add up. Also, the best walls to do them on are Wall 2 (my favorite) and Wall 4. What I like about wall 4 is that users can post reviews about the offer so if it is an offer that takes a while to credit or doesn't credit at all, you will know that before doing the offer.

Third, trade in your used games (DS, Wii, PSP, Gameboy, etc.) for some big swag bucks. I traded in 4 of Amber's used DS games and received appx. 2,000 swag bucks. They even pay for the postage for you to send it to them and it takes between 1-3 weeks to get the credit.

Lastly, here are some other tips to earning daily swag bucks (they may be redundant, but well worth a repeat);

Tip #1
Need to search the web? Do it with is the only place on the web where you can win exclusive prizes simply by doing the things you do anyway, everyday!

When searching the web, the best way to win Swag Bucks (and the only method we endorse) is to use the engine for genuine search and discovery. Our technology is designed to award users who search naturally — simply utilize our engine the way you would with other search providers.

Doing a ton of searches, or clicking on search results, will not increase your chances of winning in any way.

Tip #2
Get a Toolbar, Stay Connected and Win More.
If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, the quickest way to win Swag Bucks is to have always at your finger tips. The toolbar resides on the top of your browser and only takes seconds to install.

Tip #3
Invite Your Friends & When They Win, You Win!
The quickest way to win Swag Bucks is to get a little help from your friends! Invite your friends to and every Swag Buck they win searching the web, you'll win as well. Win up to 1,000 Swag Bucks per referral!

Tip #4
Want Swag Bucks quickly? Complete A Special Offer!
Got your eye on something special in the Swag Store? If you're saving up Swag Bucks but could use a little help, check out our Special Offers Page. You'll find rewarding promotions from major brands. Sign up only for the offers that sound right for you!

Tip #5
Do you shop online? Visit our Shop & Earn mall before you buy.
Odds are we've got the brands you're already looking for, and we'll give you Swag Bucks when you make your purchase through us!

Tip #6
Earn Swag Bucks and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.
Got a new phone in the last few years? Then send us your old cell phone and we'll reward you Swag Bucks. Replace your old dust-collecting cellular with an exclusive prize! There's no limit to how many phones you can recycle!

Tip #7
Make Your Home Page.
Click on the 'Make Us Your Home Page' link under the 'More' tab and make it easy to access

Tip #8
Promote on Your Website, Social Profile, Blog or Email Signature.
Grab a banner and spread it around and make it easy for friends to sign up as your friend! Remember, each Swag Buck they win, you'll win too!

Tip #9
Keep Up With Our facebook/twitter Account
Discover what the folks behind Swag Bucks are thinking about and working on in real time! Our social media pages feature an informal community setting for you to gain insights and share your opinion. And don't be surprised if you stumble upon the occasional Swag Code!

Tip #10
Receive The Newsletter
Get all the most important updates delivered directly to your inbox with the Prodege monthly newsletter. Every email is packed with important news and tidbits to help you get more out of your Swag Bucks account.

Tip #11
Interact With The Polls

Our weekly polls page features topics and questions that matter to you! From everything Swag Bucks, to popular culture; news, and entertainment, the Polls page is consistently fresh, and always fun. Plus, if you submit a poll and we happen to use it, we'll award you with up to 10 Swag Bucks!

Tip #12
Read the Blog

When big news breaks about Swag Bucks, it happens first on the Swag Bucks Blog! Find out about all the newest offers, prizes, and Swag Codes, all in one convenient location. Look for posts by The Swag Guy for exclusive Swag Buck opportunities!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Daily Swag Bucks Stats

Account Summary
Swag Bucks: 2,572 (+1,218)
Referrals: 191
Prizes Redeemed: $655 in Amazon & Target Gift Cards
Join date: 3/8/10

I think I will go back to doing weekly updates. :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Daily Swag Bucks Stats

Account Summary
Swag Bucks: 1,354 (+1,027)
Referrals: 191 (+2)
Prizes Redeemed: $655 in Amazon & Target Gift Cards
Join date: 3/8/10

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Daily Swag Bucks Stats

Account Summary
Swag Bucks: 327 (+1,469)
Referrals: 189 (+4)
Prizes Redeemed: $655 in Amazon & Target Gift Cards
Join date: 3/8/10

Snagged another $50 Amazon card today!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Daily Swag Bucks Stats

Account Summary
Swag Bucks: 4,758 (+953)
Referrals: 185
Prizes Redeemed: $605 in Amazon & Target Gift Cards
Join date: 3/8/10

5 Tips to Finding Swagcodes!

1. Read the Blog. They put codes smack dab in the middle of blog posts sometimes, and if they don't put the code there, more times than not they'll post a clue on the blog, especially when the code is hidden elsewhere on the site.

2. Follow Swag Bucks on Twitter. You'll find TSG on Twitter most of the day, chatting it up with us Swaggernauts and letting us know about the goings on at Swagbucks HQ. He'll also tell us lots of times when codes are out and he might even put one out there just for the tweeps!

3. Be a Swag Bucks fan on Facebook. When a code has hit, you'll see the loyal Swaggernauts of Facebook thanking TSG. More than that they're really cool, really welcoming, and really helpful to those having trouble finding a code - they're more than happy to give you a hint if you need it.

4. Install the Toolbar. The toolbar is awesome. I've established that over and over. Sometimes they post codes just for the toolbar folks, so if you DON'T have the Toolbar, you're going to miss it!

5. Use the Swidget. You can see mine at the bottom of my blog. There's a button on the widget that you can use to check for codes! A code button! That tells you when there are codes! CRAZY!!! Not only that, it'll often tell you where to look and sometimes has its own special codes.